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When I first applied for a job at Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre as a Pediatric Physical Therapist I was interested in gaining new experiences, learning and adding another new line to my resume. But what I got out of this job was more than I could have imagined.


I started as a full time Assistant Physical Therapist then stepped into Consultancy as I advanced into another important phase of my life-Marriage; around the tenure of which Dr Reena Singh & the entire team has always been approachable and supportive for the varied changes then.


However having said so, working under Reena Ma’am has never felt as though working UNDER her-A trait not everyone around in the field of her rank & expertise manage to maintain as the years pass by. She has been open to absorbing novel ideas genuinely, therapeutic interventions, different methods, allows therapists to grow exploring their knowledge and hands on abilities. She maintains a steady decorum at her work station, encouraging her staff periodically, and consistent upgrading of skills/knowledge and still manages to stay remarkably calm & humble naturally. Working at Khushi has been an enriching experience and is highly recommended to all those therapists out there like me who are in this field to make a difference in the lives of children with different abilities.


With this I would like to conclude stating that working as a Pediatric Therapist is an extremely rewarding job as one gets to witness the joy in watching a child with different abilities evolve from their respective challenges & its related emotional turbulent experiences to triumph & success throughout various stages of their lives as well as their parent’s lives .This in my opinion is the best way to describe this gratifying experience I’ve had being part of TEAM KHUSHI….


Dr. Rakshita Udyavar (MPT- Pediatrics)



Dear Dr. Reena Singh


Thank you for the opportunity given to me to work with your esteemed organization “Khushi”. It was a delightful learning experience for me as it has certainly upgraded me as a professional and an individual too. It was my first step into the field of serving kids with Autism through therapy as well as first job in Mumbai. Getting such a wonderful start was never on my mind. I am enlightened to be a part of such a beautiful journey of one year with Khushi.

Khushi has taught me a lot of things which will remain with me forever-patience, confidence,pro-activeness. I really appreciate the core team for guiding and helping me throughout the journey.The way things are managed, the team spirit, the 3 E’s which are spotted and enhanced in each therapist is incredible. Under your guidance,things have been smooth,easy to be managed with the correct and the appropriate approach.

Mam, you have always been a guiding light for all whether it be professionally or personally. I really love your spirit towards your goals and the way you make your way to achieve it.

Every training held has been so useful and has always left a mark on one’s self. I have never come across any organisation till now who spends so much of value time on training their staff with such determination.

The hierarchy which is followed and maintained by each member is purely a result of the discipline by your discipline which imbibes a sense of respect for others and oneself. Becoming a coordinator in such less time was a great opportunity for me which I hope I fulfilled to my best.The value of time and of your work was even respected in every frame.

The only time that I felt a little low was when I thought that I lost your trust in a certain situation. But then,gaining it back with your openness to discuss things was helpful.

Time flew fast and now I am taking a small break as I step into another beautiful phase of my life.I wish I will be able to serve again and be around these wonderful kids soon. Thank you for each and every moment spent in Khushi, for being so understanding whenever I needed the most. It has been a proud moment for me even to tall people that I work with an NGO named Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre which is bringing out the kid inside me again and helping me relieving the childhood once again!!!


Ashima Berry Sawhney – Master in Neurology (Physiotherapy)



Khushi Paediatric Therapy Centre is a place of knowledge and learning. As a behavioural therapist who has worked there for over 5 years, i have gained more knowledge not just with books, but with the experiential learning i have got there. Working with children as a passion has been encouraged and loved most there. Khushi believes in working with children to help them achieve their best potential. Khushi believes every child has potential to improve and working with Khushi made me understand children better.

Not only just working with children, but using different approaches and technology makes Khushi an amazing learning place that creates most difference. From an eclectic approach to behavioural and social issues, to therapeutic listening to rhythmic movement training, all of it helping in one main thing – the benefit of the child.
It has been a pleasure working with Khushi and help me develop my skill set.


Aditi Bharara – Masters in Counselling Psychology



Last three years at Khushi have been a thorough learning experience. I started off as a fresher and within no time , Dr Reena trained me with the most updated techniques making me capable of handling responsibilities not just with respect to clients but also with respect to administration at Khushi.

I worked with one of the best interdisciplinary professionals and the knowledge exchange between all of us has been invaluable , making us an even stronger team.
To summarise some of the best things at Khushi would be – the strong leadership of Dr Reena coupled with sound administrative procedures followed with adequate regard to the care of their employees. Also the level of transparency maintained and regular feedback sessions have also helped immensely.


Arohi Atre – MS in Occupational Therapy


Dear Dr. Reena,

It was a great pleasure to work with you in Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre. For Khushi, I will say “Its a temple of learning with fun”.
My journey with Khushi started when I completed my masters in pediatrics. You sensed the talent in me and gave me the opportunity to become a coordinator. This helped me to grow as a professional and as an individual. I loved to manage both therapy of kids and administrative work which helped me to enhance the qualities of decision making, problem solving, proactiveness and leadership. Also it helped me to not only provide the therapy to kids but also to understand the problems of the parents.
In Khushi we all have to be energetic, enthusiastic, and playful. Each therapy sessions were learning experience, to be calm and patience to understand the feelings and emotions of the kids and what they want to communicate to us through their body language. In Khushi the therapy protocol used to be updated as an when the advanced technique was introduced in the setup. Thus the effectiveness and quality of therapy was enhanced.
Dr. Reena is a person with a golden heart. When she is around, the whole atmosphere used to be very positive and energetic. The way she treats the kids in a playfull manner it means alot for the therapist. Her keen observations on minute things were very appreciable. She wants her team to be updated with all the advanced techniques for which she used to arrange the workshops, hands-on training sessions for the team. She is very desciplined professionally and she expects the same from the team and also give the opportunity to the employees to learn and overcome their difficulties.
I joined Khushi when I was bachelor and there I completed two most important stages of my life ie., I got married and while leaving I was pregnant. Through the whole journey Dr. Reena and the whole team were very supportive and encouraging.
Lastly want to conclude by thanking Dr. Reena for supporting me as a friend and well wisher in the professional as well as personal life….
Also thanking Dr. Reena for having so much trust on me..
I will miss to be a part of Khushi team…..


Preeti Patel – Masters in Pediatrics




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