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  • These are therapy sessions which are conducted on a one to one basis – there is one therapist and one child.
  • The session lasts for an hour.
  • The sessions can be attended once/twice/thrice a week depending on the diagnosis and the functional ability of your child.

We Offer

  • Cutting Edge Occupational Therapy
    • After an initial evaluation, goals are made which are reviewed after every one and a half month. Improvements are noted and the goals are revised depending on the gains.
    • RMT exercises are shown to the parents to be done at home.
  • Behavior therapy and Special education
  • We work on academics, language and social skills depending on the needs of your child.
    • Communication is worked through PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).
    • Reading comprehension and academics is stimulated through the use of FastForWord software and behavior therapy principles.
    • Social skills are worked upon using social thinking principles.
    • Kids are coached for NIOS and they appear for their exams through Pratham.



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