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I am sure you all know how frustrating it is to be stuck in a jam? And now these jams are unavoidable. Nearly every street we land into has a traffic jam. It really takes away a lot of time and also creates a lot of frustration and anger…….. people just enter anywhere with no traffic discipline.
Imagine being in this state of traffic jam forever!!!!
You can really imagine how irritating and frustrating it can be to be in this state of jam.
You know what?
Kids with sensory processing disorder are always in this state of traffic jam in their brains…
Really… This is a fact and you can imagine what they go through for every waking moment..
All the inputs from various sensory channels gets stuck and there is a jam leading to a state of confusion, chaos, frustration and anger. Just exactly the same way as we experience.
We come out of the jam in a few minutes or hours but kids with the sensory processing disorder stay in it till they are awake or till they receive help!!!
Check the video to learn more about sensory processing disorder..



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