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Do you want to know the reason behind your child’s hyperactivity, impulsiveness and distracted behaviors….and also learn how to settle them down?
As you read this along, you will know that it is possible and that parenting can be fun than stressful. The symptoms that I have mentioned above are because of retained primitive reflexes. (It being one of the cause, out of many others). Check this research
You must be wondering about what are these primitive reflexes?

    • As you know the word primitive means crude or old.
    • Reflex means something that happens without our conscious control like sneezing.

And as I link the words together, a primitive reflex means something which is very crude and happens automatically which is not under your control.

In very simple terms, it means like using an old bulky slow computer of the 80’s in the age of sleek and fast processing laptops. Child is born with these reflexes until they mature by one year of age and the control of these primitive reflexes are released and the higher centers of brain take over.

And what does the word integration mean?

It means allowing your child’s system to upgrade from old bulky slow computer of the 80’s to sleek and fast processing laptops.
I am sure you will agree that the functionality is very different and so it will be for your child. You will be able to release the control of primitive reflexes of the lower brain centers through rhythmic movements and isometric movements as the brain starts linking up. As the control releases, more independence and higher level control is achieved which leads to more of desirable behaviors by your child

Sounds wonderful and simple, isn’t it?

You can take the home program of a month for your child after the training and SIMPLY START………..changes in your child will be noticed within 15 days to a month.

Check the video to learn more about primitive reflexes.






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