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Picture yourself in the middle of a tantrum with your child..
It feels so helpless to not understand what the reason for the tantrum is when you want things to really make sense!!!
Kids with sensory processing disorder have “meltdowns”- these are not “tantrums”. But how on earth will anyone know the difference between the two because it sounds so technical!
And finally when the tantrum period is over, the period of guilt and self doubt begins…really wanting to know whether the tantrum was managed well. Because how much ever we shout and scream during the tantrum period, we alone know how deeply and profoundly we love our kids. The shouting and screaming is also a way to discipline the child because you want him to learn how to behave.
 Check the videos below which will give you some tips to manage behaviors of your child more effectively. You can schedule a session with us to learn more techniques specific to your child.


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