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Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a technique which involves “tapping” on certain acupuncture points to stimulate them while focusing and speaking out the issue or the challenge you are facing. This technique is used globally by millions of people to resolve physical and emotional challenges.
Just as our physical body has organs, blood, lymph and blood vessels, we also have an energy system. The energy flows in our body and when there is disruption in the energy system because of a negative event we feel negative emotions, the negative emotion causes negative beliefs because of the block. When we tap, we are able to re-wire the energy systems and we can clear the blockage in our energy channels. When the energy flows smoothly, we are in a state of peace and calm thus creating balance in the bio-energy system of ours.

A recent study found that mothers of adolescents and adults with autism had levels of stress hormones comparable to soldiers in combat. Parenting a special needs child whether they have ADHD, autism, sensory processing issues, disruptive behavior, anxiety, or learning disabilities is difficult and stressful. The stress causes problems in marital life and also in the relationship of parents with kids. EFT has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels.

We use EFT at Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre, Mumbai to help parents overcome stress and thus have a happier relationship with their kids and spouses. We have also used surrogate tapping where parents tap for their kids. Tapping for the kids helps parents to understand their kids better. This helps in acceptance and creating a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance. We believe that child is like a small plant and this plant grows well when it is provided with the right nutrients which can be done by parents and caregivers. Therapy in combination with opportunities for engagement in positive interactions with care givers helps and is a therapy in itself.


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